Before You Join

A few things to consider when joining.

Though this may seem to be an internet community, we are a community of individuals who will need to be familiar with one another in order to be involved in real exchanges of skills and time. So please..


1) Use your real name as your username - this is the name that everybody will see with your requests and offers and that will be seen on the member list. (It will be much more easy to find you in the system if your name is John and your user name is John instead of User12234. When making exchanges this will be important and we intend to enforce this.)


2) Post a real picture of yourself in your profile. Members need to be familiar and comfortable with eachother, this will help with familiarity when meeting another member for the first time. If you have any trouble with this, help can be available.


3) Complete your profile! Brief, or long, bio and information about yourself, your real contact information including full address phone, and email. Timebanking is about sharing our time as people, so please be open here.


4)Check out requests and offers. If all members are looking for what they need here, and offering what they would like to do for others here, then how will you know unless you are checking regularly. Which brings me to...


5) Post some offers of what you would like to offer as a service to others. Be creative. If you have always wanted to be a farm hand, post that as an offer, but if you would rather teach a child to play cribbage while standing on their heads, maybe somebody would like to learn just that. You just don't know until you offer it.


6)Post some Requests. - Seriously folks, everybody needs something, and most people want something too. By asking for assistance or even help in this community, you are giving somebody the opportunity to give a little of thier time because they want to. We have all wished we had that other set of hands or a lawyer that not only was inexpensive, but wanted to be doing exactly what you need them too. maybe somebody here has what you need. But you gotta request it or how will they know.


PLEASE ADD to your Email account as an accepted sender. Some accounts will treat Emails from Capital Region as Spam or junk, so if you do not recieve an emial soon after trying to join, please check this setting.

All exchanges are voluntary participatory events where one person gives their time doing something they can and want to so that somebody else can benefit from that energy and time spent. What's great about that is that they also get credit in the Timebank for "depositing" that small portion of their life into the community as a whole as a contributing member to society. Which in return they can use for a favor in return later.

It is this voluntary nature of timebanking that requires that we all be as comfortable as possible with each other. When somebody you meet through the timebank does you a favor in exchange for credit you got in a similar fashion, it is not a business transaction like many would like to consider them to be. If you won't let your drunk uncle fix your roof because of insurance (even though it may be more fun watching him fall in the bushes) then maybe you would like him to sign a waiver of responsibility before you let him near the ladder. What I am saying is that Capital Region TimeBanks will not be held liable for transactions conducted between individuals, or the actions of the individuals themselves. So be sure to discuss discomfort or concerns before participating in any exchange.

I will add more soon so please check back.

Thank you all for your interest, it will take us all for this to build and stay resilient. Suggestions, offers of help, sponsorships, anything that you think may be worth contacting me about, I am open to.
Kevin Jones

PS. We are a young timebank with only a small number of members. Join and get active or it won't change. Don't be surprised or put off, be participatory. This is our community not mine alone. Thanks all.